Saturday, November 3, 2012

Today, we get to work on our startup

There is this great scene in The Rookie (2002), where Jim Morris, the protagonist hits a low point in his baseball career. He's right about to quit, calls his wife and says he's coming home. He's not sure why he's even playing competitive baseball, but he feels he's not made for it. When he remembers why he loves the game.

Next morning,  he's smiling, finds his best friend on the team and says, "Today, we get to play baseball!"

That's how I feel every morning when I wake up. Sometimes, I'm exhausted and tempted to sleep in. But, I find that the bigger 'yes' burning inside is what drives me throughout the day. "Today, we get to work on our startup!"

It's about finding the joy inside of what you're doing and the passion of building what people want to use. We're not in it for a quick exit (those never seem to work out anyway). Because the more and mopre I talk to people about the way they share experiences online, the more I realize that Memeja has so much potential.

Shoutout to Ali, Rachel and Erin who we met last night at a piano warming party. They had made memes of their friends but didn't want to share it all over the Internet. So they were texting it back and forth to each other, saying "you wouldn't really understand the meme because you don't know him." They were also concerned of making memes of friends for fear of being made memes themselves (for all the Internet to see!).

It's always interesting to hear people encounter the same problems that drive you to work on your startup. For them, today, I get to work on my startup.

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