Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Memeja Loop

For the past three days at Memeja, we've been working to 3/4am in the morning, refining the tutorial system and the design. It's startup time, all the time.

Talking to people at Berkeley, a majority of students mentioned how natural it is for them to integrate with Facebook: they need Facebook login and be able to invite friends with Facebook.

We originally wanted to base the registration system on emails, but with the privacy of albums, it's a tricky problem. For instance, if User A chose to register with email rather than FB and invites User B via email. User B hits the landing page and chooses to register with FB instead of email. Now we have a problem because we don't know how to link User A (email) and User B (FB) together -- there simply is no link between them unless User B's FB email matches the email User A typed in, which is a risky assumption.

Because of similar situations, we opted for Facebook login and invitation. Now when you register with Facebook, you land on a happy tutorial:

Which takes you to a hands-on tutorial.

After dragging a few tutorial memes into your album, we ask you to invite your friend -- otherwise there simply is not much immediate value. Another reason we immediately ask users to invite is because we found that users who used our system were struggling to already invite their friend to the system.

As this is more of another hypotheses, we're eager to see what people think of our system.

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