Thursday, November 8, 2012

Memeja Hypothesis Results Day 1

Day 1 Analytics

Day 1 has been a big success.

By success, I mean that we are on our way to validating the hypothesis.

We spent 11am-5pm spreading word of our MVP (that we created ~1 day ago) on campus.  We supplemented word-of-mouth with guerrilla marketing on campus: posting flyers in bathrooms and doors, tracking analytics in real-time with a hotspot.

Bathroom marketing worked surprisingly well. Makes sense: by putting flyers right above urinals, we have their captive attention. We also focused on putting flyers on seats before class, hoping that bored students would curiously log onto our website.

From the graph, you can see that around 1pm traffic started to pick up (10-20 uniques every hour). Around the time when we marketed in classes. My guess is that bored students started logging on.

What's awesome is that the bounce rate is so low. In the beginning portions of the graph from 12pm-6pm on Wednesday, we hadn't adjusted the bounce rate so it marked 100% bounce rate for visitors who just visited the one page (remember, Google Analytics doesn't have the diffs).

But started at 1pm today, the bounce rate has kept under 20% for the most part. Even though we don't have tons of visitors, the ones who are coming stick around. That's important because we want to build products that users want.

It's also satisfying to track users in real-time slowly reading through the pages. You can see this in Top Active Pages in GA:

Tomorrow will be the defining day of this hypothesis. But so far, it's looking great. We'll probably set up a booth on campus to ask people WHY they like to read them. Then follow-up with our other hypotheses...

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