Thursday, November 15, 2012

Iteration Part 2

Flying back from Dartmouth, I've been thinking deeply about the creation question.

On one hand, it seems reasonable to say: "If people love rage comics so much, as evidenced by our prototype, why aren't more people creating?" Max asked people this exact question: 

"Would you create a rage comic?"
That sounds reasonable. But I've realized that because users view rage comics and memes as simple entertainment, the frame of the question is more like:

"Would you create a rage comic for fun in your leisure?"
The distinction is that under this context, it's doubtful if people would go out of their way and create (Max found that the people who did create hated the creation platforms, by the way). This idea of entertainment was reflected in our users' language: "I would use it to procrastinate" or "I would create if I'm bored"

So for Memeja, I think a better question is:

"Can we frame rage comics in another context where people are more willing to create?"
Put another way, how can we deepen interactions between people using the concept of memes? How can we add value to people's lives THROUGH the medium of memes SO that they will create naturally. We know people love viewing memes already.

This turns out to be the problem we are trying to solve!  It is the point of all our iterations. When I think of what such a frame could be, a deeper question emerges:

What does the form of visual communication allow us to do that other social networks can't with words? 
Whatever the answer, we should head in that direction because that differentiates us most effectively. The answer, in my opinion, is quick recreation of experiences.

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