Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Testing Hypotheses Pt 2

Researching online and talking to users, we know that most people don't read rage comics because they simply aren't funny. This is fair: not everyone shares the same type of humor, especially when an experience is irrelevant to you.

What we want to know is whether people would read rage comics more if it IS personally relevant to their social circle and their lives. Put another way, would Berkeley students read rage comics way more if all the stories related to UC Berkeley? We think so.

But we've also learned that what people say and what they actually do are two separate things.

The Plan

  1. Set up a quick subdomain (ucbstories.memeja.com) that has rage comics created specifically about UC Berkeley stories.  We'll host an upload button for any users that want to contribute their own creation.
  2. Hand out mass flyers and market this subdomain all of Wednesday and Thursday. 
  3. Watch for activity via analytics. Most importantly, how many returning users will we get? How long are they spending time on the site? This signifies that a user knows that the site exists and wants to see it again. (A first-time visit doesn't mean much unless a user spends lots of time on the site.)

Plan as mapped out on our whiteboard:

From there, we can validate whether or not people appreciate rage comics as a quick way of communicating experiences. Then shift our current platform specifically towards rage comics (like we had originally intended).

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