Sunday, April 7, 2013

Presenting Course Scheduler App at Tuck Business School

Last Friday, I demoed my course scheduler app at Tuck Business School.

I built the demo in 2 days, Wednesday and Thursday. It helps students auto-schedule their courses by entering in their course dept and number and the Google Calendar API. It parses the Dartmouth Oracle Timetable here: and references the time slot and location. Example: try using COSC 065 for the Spring 2013 (This wouldn't work when the Fall Timetable is up).

I anticipate building a syllabus parser that goes through syllabuses and extracts more detailed information that would make the app more useful: textbook required (we could cross-reference this and even try to find a pdf for the user), course X-hrs. 

The feedback we received from the Tuck judges and other students was motivating! People thought it was cool and wanted to see it expand to reach all the other possibilities.

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