Monday, April 1, 2013

Course Auto-scheduler App Improvements!

Though I haven't yet set up any DNS (potentially hooking it up to Hacker's Club), the app is available.

Stuff learned:
  • The Google Calendar API v3 is pretty inconsistent. It took a lot of digging to find out how to craft the correct OAuth2 token dance and event array. 
  • Heroku is awesome for deploying Django!  Before, I used to use a git post-receive hook to connect to Amazon EC2, but Heroku makes it so much easier. 
  • How to config for separate environments. Before, I used a settings_local file that wasn't committed by git (sensitive db information). Now, os environ configs do the trick.
Stuff to-do:
  • Handle the edge cases (like period times: AR, special times on timetable (where it's not an existing period))
  • Add AJAX lookups for the correct class names (this will make user entry easier)

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