Saturday, April 20, 2013

Faster Google Searching on Chrome

I love Chrome's Omnibox.

But sometimes, I know what I'm searching for is the top result. So I'd like to use I'm Feeling Lucky in the Omnibox. That way, my searches can be faster. Here's a simple way to do this:

Go to Settings in Chrome. Under the Search heading label, click Manage Search Engines. Scroll all the way down to the 3 input boxes:

Add a new search engine  | Keyword  | URL with %s in place

Fill in:

Add a new search engine:  Lucky
Keyword:  (This is your shortcut that you type into the URL bar) then you press tab. I use "\"


Click Done.

Now you can go to your URL bar (Cmd-l), type in "\" then press <Tab> and you can search "I'm Feeling Lucky" in Omnibox!

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