Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Playing with Bashrc

Recently discovered how time-saving aliases are.  For git, the following are what I use the most:

alias gp='git push'
alias glog='git log'
alias gs='git status'
# for easy git committing
function gc() {
  git commit -m "$*"
Because alias doesn't accept parameters, function gc() allows you to type in something like:

gc this is my commit

Or for a bash script that commits and pushes to server, you could write:

echo "Please type commit message"
read commit_message
git commit -am "$commit_message"
git push
"Pushing onto repo"

Also,  essential for aliasing is:

alias bashrc='mvim ~/.bashrc && source ~/.bashrc'

This will let you edit bashrc and then source it automatically afterwards.

As I commit pretty often, these aliases have saved me quite a bit of time.

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